Math proficiency
opens doors to incredible careers
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Michael Rosenthal, Private Math Tutor

Hi, I’m Michael Rosenthal...

Growing up, math was a challenge for me, as I too struggled with understanding the same concepts your student finds difficult. That experience often eludes the most gifted teachers, but it’s great training for a math tutor. I'm a Cal Berkeley math graduate with career experience at Hewlett-Packard, Cap Gemini, and elsewhere in high-tech consulting. When my sons were in high school, some of the local moms asked me to tutor their kids who needed help with math. I really enjoyed it, and so I retired to tutor math students full-time.

Who I tutor...

Most of my students are from the San Ramon / Danville area. I work with math challenged as well as gifted students, tutoring algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and pre-calculus. I offer math preparation for college board exams, SAT and ACT, as well as for the math sections of exams for pharmacists, contractors, and other professionals. I love working with gifted students as well as those who have anxiety about math, or have other difficulties.

How I tutor...

Tutoring is a collaboration. If a student is willing to practice -- we will do well, but no tutor can help if a student is unwilling to commit to the time and effort required. I have had great success exciting students about math, and inspiring and motivating them to achieve remarkable results.

In math, you're either right or you're wrong. Math is formal and precise and requires attention to detail. Directed study and explanation instills insight. Improvement is achieved by a focused review of knowledge gaps. Understanding math problem types and levels is critical to identifying core weaknesses in knowledge and comprehension. Study models are personalized for each student to improve readiness for testing. I teach elementary & middle school students well beyond Common Core proficiency. 

Where and how much?

I typically teach at local coffee houses in the downtown Danville or Blackhawk area. Currently, sessions are available most days after school hours. Tutoring is $70 per hour. (Missed or cancelled classes are charged unless 8 hours prior notice is given).

Tutoring Classes Offered:

Preliminary Algebra
College Algebra
Symbolic Logic

My Students Attend:

Monte Vista
Los Lomas
...and other local schools.


Please, no requests for students planning to come to the U.S.
Arrangements must be made
upon arrival.

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